A New Reality | Chicken Marsala Stew with Zucchini and Tuscan Kale

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It’s been almost three months since two toddlers showed on our doorstep and I became a Parent. Most of time, I don’t really think about the transition. But then there are nights like tonight; I was late getting out of the office, starving, cranky (because I was starving)… and all I wanted to do was get in […]

Zucchini, Onion and Goat Cheese Feta Frittata


July at the RGB. The grapes were ripe about fourteen minutes before the birds came and stole them all. Fortunately, they spared us the strawberries. And they ignored the blooming artichokes. With tomatoes coming in, we can now plan for gazpacho. There’s plenty of parsley to go around. Lastly, Meyer lemons and tangerines are target […]

September Garden Ratatouille | A Late Summer Harvest

While in the garden surveying the eggplants, the last flower dropped to the ground. It was probably it’s way of telling me that summer was over and the shop was closed. Boo.

Because it was so mild this year, our crops never did well. In fact, we only picked up three eggplants this season. Three. So when two of the three were picked over the weekend, I was bound and determined to make something “special” with them. I had even dreamt of slicing them up, dredging them […]

Assisting Good Genetics | Brunelli Steak Dinner

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Roberto Maurice Brunelli likes steak, and today is his 90th birthday. In honor of this major milestone, we’re posting a steak dinner recipe. The below is one our typical protein/starch/vegetable dinners from this summer. It is by no means healthy, but it hits the spot for those steak and potato cravings. We hope that when […]