A New Reality | Chicken Marsala Stew with Zucchini and Tuscan Kale

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It’s been almost three months since two toddlers showed on our doorstep and I became a Parent. Most of time, I don’t really think about the transition. But then there are nights like tonight; I was late getting out of the office, starving, cranky (because I was starving)… and all I wanted to do was get in […]

Entertaining at Home | Feta Cheese Spread with Fresh Garden Herbs

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Five years ago, if my college roommate (and bestie) Meg, told me she was moving to Jupiter, I would have rallied 40 of our closest friends, wrangled them into a bistro, and shut the place down. We’d drink, we’d eat, we’d be merry. And at the end of the evening, we’d be scrounging for ones […]

Shrimp Etouffee | Bridging the Gap


Hello, friends! Today we’re changin’ it up and doing a guest post for Gwen over at Bunkycooks. Head over there to see what we made with our winter garden pepper this week… And because we’re still giving stuff away, make sure you leave a comment (at Bunkycooks) for your chance at a box of herbs. Happy day! […]

First Impressions | Summer Skillet Chicken Marsala

A half serving is still plenty for dinner.

I knew I’d marry Mr. RGBistro before we were even dating. A couple of years ago we had arranged to spend a mid-week evening together. We’d been bragging about our home-cook skills and decided it was time to flex them. Mr. RGB volunteered his bachelor kitchen, which I accepted because it seemed a lot better […]

Gifting from the Garden | Baked Chicken and Garden Herbs Recipe

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I won’t lie, skipping Christmas this year due to our tight budgets was difficult. If there’s a bright side, it’s realizing that I’m absolutely grateful for what I already have, which doesn’t cost a dime. I did manage to scrape together some home-made gifts for select friends and family: among them, ribbon-wrapped boxes with most […]