Planting Seeds | Chicken Sausage Lettuce Wraps - Chicken Sausage Lettuce Wraps Recipe - Text 1

On Barry’s daughter’s wedding day, a wild daisy bloomed from a rock in the shade of a cedar three. – Whalen Summit, Shasta County, CA. Years ago, we collected seeds. All sorts of them; little ones, big ones. Round ones, skinny ones. Seeds from Zone 2. Seeds from Zone 8. Devoted seed collectors, we never […]

Salmon Sashimi with Shishito Pepper Sauce

I was 22 the first time I had sushi. I don’t remember it being so glorious because it was likely an overcooked tempura shrimp concoction with krab. Probably smothered in sweet sauce. And topped with brown avocado. To be fair, it was only $8.99 for all-you-can-eat, and that’s a steal! Fast-forward a few years. I […]

Summer Market Platter Market Platter

If I had a second sub header for the RGB blog, it would probably be: How to make really complicated food using over ten ingredients, three burners, two people and a very long time. This doesn’t work very well when you’re in the middle of a remodel.

Winter Salad with Blood Orange and California Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette | Late-Afternoon Glow at the RGB

RGB Winter Salad with Blood Orange and CA Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

While traveling through the South of France, we befriended an artist who said she painted “in the evenings because that’s when the light is best.” Later that week, while driving around the countryside, we found ourselves surrounded by that late afternoon glow… and realized she was right. And ever since then, my favorite time of […]

Mozzarella Sliders with Aioli and Roasted Red Pepper Spread Sliders with Aioli and Roasted Red Pepper Spread

I’m beginning to think that all we do is experiment. While reading one of Kelly’s posts at Sass and Veracity a while back, I was inspired to make some garlic confit and aioli. The trouble with that is… what the heck do you do with all the garlic confit (about 3 heads’ worth)… and the […]

Tequila Lime Chicken and Garden Salad with Cilantro and Lime Dressing - Tequila Lime Chicken

Today’s RGB garden photo: A Dutch Iris, popping up near the mandarin tree. … A moment of genius happened at the RGB on Friday. I had been spending much of the week hibernating in the kitchen as a result of a one-time project. So when noon rolled around and I realized that Mr. RGBistro had […]