Panko-crusted and Sauteed Chukar with Garden Salad - Panko-crusted and Sauteed Chukar with Garden Salad

How did 2009 treat ya? For the most part, we were glad to kick 2009 to the curb at the stroke of midnight, but we do acknowledge that a lot of good things happened, too. Among them, Britta. Yup, a dog changed our lives. This post is dedicated to Britta, because without her, we wouldn’t […]

Arugula, Prosciutto and Gruyere Omelet | Banishing Arugula

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On my way to a friend’s house in Newport Beach on Monday, I snuck in a visit to our favorite nursery: Roger’s Gardens. In honor of the Season, they’ve got all sorts of holiday lights up. They also have a lot of fake Christmas trees. ??? OK, I won’t judge.   While I was there, […]

Pizza, Upgraded | RGB Pizzetta

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Is it just me, or when we were kids, a pizza meant phoning Pizza Hut and having pepperoni and cheese delivered? (Note from Barry: I had Me and Ed’s Pizza or Shakeys.) When did fancy pizzas get popular, and why am I so late to get on board? Last Autumn while dining on Britta’s couch, […]