Sweet Corn Chowder with Roasted Vegetables, Garden Chives and Bolted Cilantro Recipe

www.rusticgardenbistro.co - Sweet Corn Chowder with Roasted Vegetables, Garden Chives and Bolted Cilantro - Overhead Formal

We all have a past life, don’t we? Or is it just me? Every now and again, I think about my past life. I lived in Oregon. It rained a lot. I was (mostly) miserable. And I was convinced I had nothing in common with the food growin’, chicken totin’ hippies that looked like mop dogs… 

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Chicken Tacos with Queso Fresco and Fresh Cilantro

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - Chicken Tacos with Queso Fresco and Cilantro - Square

The A-Ha Moment. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took us 21 days to figure out that our Mexican foster kids like TACOS. And even then, we only figured it out by accident. While Barry worked at installing our brand new pot rack! (so we could convert the existing pots and pans drawer to the… 

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Carnitas Enchiladas with New Mexico Chile Sauce, Queso Fresco and Cilantro

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - Carnitas Enchiladas with New Mexico Chile Sauce

There are a hundred (too many) recipes for how to make carnitas, and I’ve seen them all. Add orange rinds. Orange juice. Orange zest. Limes. Lime zest. Onion. Garlic. Milk. Sugar. Brown sugar. Cinnamon. Oregano. Cumin. Coriander seeds. Bay leaves. Marjoram. Jalapeno. Serrano. Pasilla. Chili powder. Tomatoes. Salsa. Hot sauce. Condensed milk. Liquid smoke. Garlic… 

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Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi with Garlic Confit, Tart Green Apple and Crunchy Red Cabbage


Someone should smack me. In my excitement of developing and executing a special banh mi recipe that I could share with my group of food blogger friends, I sort of forgot to leave a sample at home for my husband. I should also confess that because I was running short on time, I also asked… 

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Quick-Fire Dinner for Eight | Seared Scallops with Cilantro Lime Sauce

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - May 2012 975

As a person who lives in the moment, one of my greatest joys is spending time with people I love, in a setting where time stands still. Given no barrier, my ideal dinner party would be held in the garden, include seven courses, and take five hours. And the intermezzo would include a tour of… 

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Salmon Sashimi with Shishito Pepper Sauce


I was 22 the first time I had sushi. I don’t remember it being so glorious because it was likely an overcooked tempura shrimp concoction with krab. Probably smothered in sweet sauce. And topped with brown avocado. To be fair, it was only $8.99 for all-you-can-eat, and that’s a steal! Fast-forward a few years. I… 

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The RGB Knocks Off Marché Modèrne | King Crab and Avocado with Yuzu Aioli

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - Marche Moderne - King Crab and Avocado with Yuzu Aioli - Square

Today’s RGB photo: A California Poppy taken in Santa Barbara while visiting with family over the weekend. … Marché Modèrne in Costa Mesa is self-described as a “modern French bistro.” We love it because the chef is creative, the dishes are beautiful and the food is delicious. Their 30-tap wine bar is pretty fantastic, too…. 

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Wolfgang Puck’s Tortilla Soup

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - Wolfgang Puck's Tortilla Soup - Square

“Cook from the heart, and with love.” – Wolfgang Puck As summer turns to fall and the days get shorter and shorter, I struggle with the strain of not being at home as much as I’d like to. It’s not that I’m spending more hours at the office; it’s just dark on both ends of… 

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Vietnamese Chicken Pho Ga Recipe

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup - Pho Ga - Edited

It’s frightening how quickly the weather can turn. Last week, it was so hot we initiated a mojito-of-the-day routine. This week, we’re putting on our boots and slushing through the rain. And with that, we’ve officially embrace cooler weather, the umbrella and a free car wash. To celebrate the splash, we’re offering a bowl of… 

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Caldo de Carne Seca| Tweakin’ the CIA’s Recipe… Because it Made Sense

…along with one of our staple pizzettas. This one had caramelized onions, prosciutto, red bell peppers, raw cheddar, chevre and shredded parmesan.

Two things happened this week: the cilantro went into bloom and the carrot tops grew taller than the yardstick.   Keeping that in mind, and not feelin’ like watching yet another Lakers playoff game with Mr. RGBistro, I went to my stack of checked-out library books for some inspiration. About 2 minutes into my search, I… 

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