Packing for Idyllwild | New England Style Clam Chowder with Garden Leeks, Gold Potatoes, and Fresh Chives - New England Clam Chowder with Garden Leeks Gold Potatoes and Fresh Chives - Overhead

Photo: First Autumn sunset in Idyllwild this year. Also, a bird in flight. I get now why people have second homes. Especially in beautiful places. About once a year, I pack up the whole family (this year, it’s the husband, children, and dogs), and go someplace quiet for an entire week. And I pack an […]

Sweet Corn Chowder with Roasted Vegetables, Garden Chives and Bolted Cilantro Recipe - Sweet Corn Chowder with Roasted Vegetables, Garden Chives and Bolted Cilantro - Overhead Formal

We all have a past life, don’t we? Or is it just me? Every now and again, I think about my past life. I lived in Oregon. It rained a lot. I was (mostly) miserable. And I was convinced I had nothing in common with the food growin’, chicken totin’ hippies that looked like mop dogs […]

Toad in the Hole | Sunday Shout-Out: A Communal Table

Another weekend breakfast at the RGB... Toad in the Hole with fresh cantaloupe.

Is it terrible to admit I love my “internet” friends as much as my “traditional” friends? Or that I adore that the internet has connected me with so many wonderful people that I otherwise would not have an opportunity to befriend? Happy sigh. Earlier this summer, I tweeted about spending an afternoon at the RenWes kitchen showroom in Lake […]

Tempura Fried Squash Blossoms | Another Weekend Experiment at the RGB

Our Saturday afternoon experiment; fried zucchini blossoms.

We’ve haven’t shared with you our non-edible garden photos in awhile, so here is a recent favorite:   This morning, we hit up the Irvine Farmers’ Market specifically to pick-up some hummus and pita from the guys at the Baba Foods stand for a Greek-themed dinner event tonight.   You mean we’re not making anything fancy […]

World Cup Brunch | Goat Cheese and Chive Scramble with Blueberry Peach Salad


When it’s 11 AM on a Sunday and your loved one is 1) wearing yesterday’s shorts, 2) hasn’t budged from the couch and 3) declares today is “World Cup Day,” you make nice and fix him breakfast. There was one minor issue: I was craving my runny morning egg, and Mr. RGBistro doesn’t do runny […]