California Fig Fest Blog-Hop | Black Mission Fig Jam with Orange Blossom Honey and Meyer Lemon Zest - Black Mission Fig Jam with Orange Blossom Honey and Meyer Lemon - Square

For those of you that read about our special announcement in the last blog post, thank you. Thank you for being here, reading along, and following our journey. I still can’t believe this may be happening. We’re still waiting to see if the deal is a go from the owner’s end; we’ll know more in the weeks […]

How to Make a Quick Hollandaise Sauce - A Modified Eggs Benedict in Idyllwild - Square

After a mighty streak of special projects, I desperately needed to step away. So we used our second wedding anniversary as an excuse to coop up the chickens, wrangle the dogs, and head for the hills. In my bag, I packed the last three to four months of unread magazine subscriptions: Bon Appétit, Sunset, Cooking […]

A Lesson in Motion | Basic Mayonnaise

Exhibit A: Blow some air, if you have to. But you have to keep it warm.

Sorry folks. Summer turned into autumn and we know we’ve gone missing. And now that we’re back, all we can offer you is a homemade mayonnaise recipe? Yep. We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we’ve enrolled in the RGB Culinary Institute. Never heard of it? It’s a place where wannabe food industry […]

The Kitchen Sink’s Liquid Gold

Garden Chicken Soup

Because we have our dog on a RAW diet, we go through a whole chicken every two days. With each whole chicken, Britta the Weimaraner gets the breast, legs, thighs and wings. We save the necks and backs for ourselves. So about every other weekend, when we have about 10 pounds of necks and backs […]

Basil Garden Spreads

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When there’s extra basil lying around, (which happens a lot), one alternative to tossing it out with the grass clippings is to make garden spreads. Much fresher, and FREE if you already have some other stuff, like sour cream, Parmesan cheese, oil and garlic in the kitchen. Good uses for basil sour cream: garnish in […]