Scrambled Egg Stack with Hash of Chanterelle Mushrooms, Sweet Potato, Onions, and Kale Recipe - Sweet Potato and Chanterelle Mushroom Hash with Scrambled Egg Stack of Goat Cheese and Sauteed Chanterelles - Square

Charlie Trotter died this morning. Suddenly, unexpectedly, and much, much younger than the age my husband is now. (shudder) Mr. Trotter is one of my culinary heroes, and I was very much hoping to meet him someday. [In brighter news, our White Silkie laid her first eggs this week.] You see, Charlie Trotter never went […]

Southern Utah | Shirred Eggs with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Toasted Ciabatta - Shirred Eggs with Cream and Chives

Sometimes, I don’t choose breakfast. Breakfast chooses me. Specifically, last Sunday’s Travel section cover story in the local paper highlighted an area of the world that I was just in not two weeks ago. My trip to Southern Utah was amazing. And I mean that in the exact sense of the word: stunning, astonishing, even […]

Scrambled Egg Stack with Hash of Sweet Potato and Kale - Scrambled Egg Stack with Sweet Potato Hash and Purple Basil

Let’s call this post: How to impress your house guest with a scrambled egg breakfast. … My spring garden pot with Tuscan kale and purple basil. The husband went out of town this weekend so a girlfriend stopped by to keep me company. In actuality, I begged her to sleep over because I didn’t want […]

In Praise of a Big Cookbook | Southern Louisiana Style Biscuits with Breakfast Sausage and Shrimp Gravy - Southern Style Shrimp and Sausage with Gravy over Biscuits - Square

Of all the cookbooks you own, how many of them are actually good ones? And since we’re on the subject, what’s your definition of a good cookbook? Quite simply, for me, a good cookbook is a big cookbook.   So here’s my theory: Nowadays, just about anyone can publish a cookbook (no offense to friends […]

Holiday Breakfast | Spinach Mushroom Omelet with Tomato Puree - Spinach Mushroom Omelet with Tomato Puree and Feta Cheese - SQ

Breakfast is generally pretty hard for me. Most mornings, over-snoozing the alarm means scrambling out the door, full of frazzle and empty in the tummy. But then there are holiday mornings, like today. Nowhere to go, nothing to do… Check-in on the chickens? Absolutely. Wander through the herb garden? Sure. Brainstorm a breakfast concoction? Game […]

Romance in Paris | Skillet Sugar Crêpes - Sugar Crepes with Fresh Strawberries - Square

We spent our last afternoon in Paris strolling through le Jardin des Tuileries. It was getting late in the day, and we were hungry, again. When I spotted the crêpe vendor, I stepped aside and asked my beau to pull out his change. We had spent most of our Euros on lunch, so it was […]

December at the RGB | Braised Short Rib Hash - Braised Short Rib Hash - Detail

December at the RGB (clockwise from top left): Meyer lemons. Kale. Sage. The black Silkie we had to give away because he started crowing. Parsley. The buff Polish we also had to give away because he started crowing. Lavender. Stattice. The annual cut-back on the massive fig tree. Braised short ribs. At Marché Modèrne in […]

Tangerine Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie

There’s something sexy about a man who reads the morning paper, likes his coffee black and pays our bills on-time. So… grown-up. I don’t look like a grown-up… not even close. At the moment, I’m wearing a green shirt with orange tights… and brown boots. And maybe a purple headband. Oh, and my eye shadow […]

Baked Eggs on Sourdough with Garden Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil-Mint Pesto Eggs on Sourdough

We’re surrounded by chickens… because the eight baby chicks we picked up in June have somehow multiplied into eighteen. I don’t know how it happened. We officially fail at chicken math. Sunday was a big morning at the RGB: it was the day fifteen baby chicks were old enough to move from the brooders in […]

Zucchini, Onion and Goat Cheese Feta Frittata

July at the RGB. The grapes were ripe about fourteen minutes before the birds came and stole them all. Fortunately, they spared us the strawberries. And they ignored the blooming artichokes. With tomatoes coming in, we can now plan for gazpacho. There’s plenty of parsley to go around. Lastly, Meyer lemons and tangerines are target […]

King Crab and Asparagus Omelet with Hollandaise, Chevre and Dill Crab and Asparagus Omelet

In my 20s, I had a mentor whose mantra was find your bliss. You want me to find my bliss? Yeah… sure, ok. I’ll do that… right after I return some phone calls and finish my staff report. Too busy chasing rainbows, I never knew what he meant. Now, I know. While pouring me a […]

Toad in the Hole | Sunday Shout-Out: A Communal Table

Another weekend breakfast at the RGB... Toad in the Hole with fresh cantaloupe.

Is it terrible to admit I love my “internet” friends as much as my “traditional” friends? Or that I adore that the internet has connected me with so many wonderful people that I otherwise would not have an opportunity to befriend? Happy sigh. Earlier this summer, I tweeted about spending an afternoon at the RenWes kitchen showroom in Lake […]

Blueberry Buckle | Smith Bites

A good hearty breakfast, to cure the cold. :-)

I turn into a whiny !@#$ when I get sick. Somehow, I’m also more productive. Between sniffling and sneezing on Saturday, I made a pot of chicken stock (and saved the fat for a batch of flaxseed dog biscuits), harvested and roasted about 5 lbs. of garden tomatoes, made a batch of tomato soup, roasted […]

World Cup Brunch | Goat Cheese and Chive Scramble with Blueberry Peach Salad


When it’s 11 AM on a Sunday and your loved one is 1) wearing yesterday’s shorts, 2) hasn’t budged from the couch and 3) declares today is “World Cup Day,” you make nice and fix him breakfast. There was one minor issue: I was craving my runny morning egg, and Mr. RGBistro doesn’t do runny […]

Barefoot Contessas’s Blueberry Streusel Muffins - Ina Garten Blueberry Streusel Muffins - Square

Update from March 20, 2013: It’s finally spring, and the weather is beautiful! And the ranunculus out back is in full bloom, so I’m updating muffin photos for your personal enjoyment. [K] Original post from June 27, 2010: Dear Migraine, you’re on your fourth day. Would you please go away and leave me alone? Ugh. […]

Dutch Babies with Backyard Meyer Lemons - Dutch Babies with Meyer Lemon - Square - 250x250

What cereal was introduced in 1963? (Answer below in Mr. RGBistro’s crossword puzzle.) I really hope your Saturday morning routine is a little like ours; sleeping in, snuggling with the dog and steaming lattes… Breakfast also comes with a garden view, a crossword puzzle and morning fetch with Britta the Weimaraner.  — Our garden strawberries […]

Burrata Chive Omelet and Thyme Potatoes | Second Chance Burrata

Potato detail.

  The RGBistro has a dilemma. What would you do if one of your recipes was so simple, it’d be silly to write it up? We’re big fans of burrata cheese. If you’ve never had burrata… or never heard of burrata, go here and see my neighbor’s really great description of what this ooey-gooey cheese […]

Arugula, Prosciutto and Gruyere Omelet | Banishing Arugula

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On my way to a friend’s house in Newport Beach on Monday, I snuck in a visit to our favorite nursery: Roger’s Gardens. In honor of the Season, they’ve got all sorts of holiday lights up. They also have a lot of fake Christmas trees. ??? OK, I won’t judge.   While I was there, […]