Burrata with Pea and Asparagus Puree over Pan-Toasted Baguette | Beyond the Dust

Dust in the house means more evenings out... here in Laguna Beach with Britta the weimaraner before dinner.
Britta likes her Laguna Beach sunset walks.

Until you’ve been through the middle of a home remodel, you cannot image how much dust can collect. It doesn’t matter that there are ET-like plastic walls everywhere, that piles are neatly stacked in corners, or that Mr. RGBistro actually still vacuums.

By time I come home from work, it is hours after the days’ work has ended. But if I put a glass of water down on the coffee table and lift it just 5 minutes later, an obvious ring of dust will have already collected around the footprint of that glass. Logic would follow, then, that if there was dust settling around my glass, it was also setting in my glass. The source of that dust: concrete powder…

…because our 1952 home is made of 4’ long x 6” wide x 11 tall concrete blocks. (Whose bright idea what that?!) In areas where we’ve chosen to take down walls, or cut in a new doorway, we’ve had to saw-cut through the concrete. It ain’t pretty.     

From left to right: kitty print on the baby grand, back of dining room chair and top of photo frame, Kitchen Aid mixer, espresso press, and olive oil spout.

On the bright side, the dust nudges us into the garden we’ve neglected all winter. And wouldn’t you know; it’s beautiful out there. Especially during dinnertime, when the sun is about to scurry over the hills.

There’s something special about a sunset when it splashes all sorts of warm, golden light onto the table. It reminds us of our time in Provence, when we dined in the gardens, used colorful linens, and sipped good wine.

Spring dinner the RGB.

Somewhere inside, there’s work being done… walls going up, floors going down, and shelves going in. In the meantime, we’re in the garden… beyond the dust, living our Provence.


Where would you go to get away from the dust?

Spring Pea and Asparagus Puree over Burrata and Pan-Toasted Baguette

Burrata detail.

Burrata with Pea and Asparagus Puree over Pan-Toasted Baguette

The original plan was to make a fava bean puree with ramps. The day we went to market, no fava beans, no ramps; so we used spring peas and asparagus. Then we added cherry tomatoes and chives because we happened to have some. The result is a light, spring crostini, topped with tangy and creamy Burrata, then finished with sweet pea and asparagus.


~ Serves 6 ~


~ Ingredients ~

  • 1package Burrata cheese
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • ½ cup shelled spring peas
  • ½ cup thinly sliced asparagus
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 French baguette
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter
  • Optional: 1 tablespoon chopped chives


~ Preparation ~

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

  1. On a serving plate, unwrap and plate a ball of Burrata cheese. Using a paring knife, slit the ball open on one side and wedge the edges two inches apart.
  2. In a non-stick sauté pan over medium heat, melt 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter and add in spring peas and asparagus. Add enough water, about ¼ cup, so the peas and asparagus are boiled in water until they turn bright green, about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Reserve a few whole peas and asparagus tips. Add the remaining peas and asparagus into a miniature food processor, and pulse with 2 tablespoons olive oil until pureed. Add water or additional oil if necessary. Season to taste.
  4. Pour puree over Burrata. Add whole bits of peas and asparagus tips.
  5. Slice 4 cherry tomatoes and place on top of Burrata; set plate aside.
  6. Slice off 12 thin pieces of bread from the baguette and toast on both sides in the same non-stick sauté pan with salted butter.
  7. Optional: Sprinkle with garden chives.
  8. Serve immediately.

Source: Rustic Garden Bistro


Table detail.
Spring Pea and Asparagus Puree over Burrata and Pan-Toasted Baguette


  1. says

    Your food is beautiful and yes, your garden reminds me of Provence too! I would be out there all the time…renovations or not! That is pretty creepy about the dust. I guess I never thought of that and am better off for not having worried with it then. (Ick!) Be sure to get your ducts cleaned after the dust has settled (literally) for a few months when it is over. That seemed to help. We also got major air filters to run afterward too. It will be worth it once it’s done.

  2. says

    Hi Kim – It’s nice to escape to your own little Provence in your backyard – what a gorgeous table and light dinner! We just came home with some burrata, favas, peas, and a few other goodies from the Farmers’ Market, so I hope I can come up with something as stunning as you did, for our Concert in the Park tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. says

    You know I hear you on needing to escape! Our new balcony reminds both M and I of the evenings we’d spend on our hotel balcony in Torremolinos (right outside Malaga), drinking wine and discussing life. CT is not quite as gorgeous as the Med, but it’s nice to know we have this spot to escape the post-move clutter.

    And…wow. That looks so gorgeous. I was eyeing the burrata at Fairway today…

  4. says

    Why…I think I would come to your patio Kim. Lovely escape. The food and photos both are simply amazing.

    I got out in my backyard yesterday and worked for the first time in 2 years. I missed all of last summer with that stupid injury and while not 100% I am able to hobble around. If nothing else, I hope I can stop the boy who has been helping me from continuing with lazy habits that have become apparent from my not watching over his work. Pulling off dandelion stalks but not digging up the weed? Really?

    I have my work cut out for me…goes to show you how one summer without standard maintenance practices can have see a yard go downhill…I hope to have that ‘Provence’ feeling in a month…so right now, I’ll just pretend I’m with you. :)

  5. says

    where would i go to escape? well . . . right there to your back yard . . . and would be hoping and praying that you’d be serving this lovely menu because i would not move until every. single. bite. had. been. eaten. and then i’d ask for dessert and a tour of the new digs!

  6. says

    Wow. That’s really all I can say. How wonderful to have this meal, and your own special getaway in your backyard.

  7. says

    Burrata, oh burrata! I could eat it everyday for a year, I love the way you added dimension to it but yet still have a simple dish. Plus, I could reach write into the photo for a glass of Sancerre!

  8. says

    We have done a few remodeling projects over the years, and it does take over the house (and your life!) It sounds like you were able to find a lovely oasis though :-) We would keep outside in our garden too! Thank you for sharing with me today! I hope you had a lovely holiday. Have a week full of good food, laughter and love!

  9. says

    I think that you might have a whole lot of people coming over to your garden:) Why, oh, why, did you have to ask? You know how gorgeous your surroundings are!
    That light spring dinner could have been plucked right off a country table in Provence. And I am in awe of your photography, and would not mind a sip of that beautiful Sancerre:)
    Be brave, fight the dust, and just imagine that gorgeous kitchen that will greet you every day, very soon!

  10. says

    I think I’d be most worried about how much of it I was inhaling. Have you considered those masks that go over your nose and mouth? I know they look silly, but it can’t be good to be breathing in concrete dust. I think you have the right idea spending your time in the backyard, especially now that the weather is so nice.

  11. says

    Yes – please get out of the house if there is dust! I have to agree with Sylvie, I think that might not be good for your health, so getting out into your garden is good for the body and the soul. :) And this dish looks great! Similar to something I made last month, but that was fava beans and peas, and was a recipe from Jamie Oliver. Yours looks beautiful!

  12. says

    Burrata is one of my favorites!! Such a bright and cheery dish. Hang in there – it will all be worth it once the remodel is done & the dust has settled! The bright side is this forces you to enjoy your lovely garden. It’s beautiful and such a great setting for dinner.

  13. says

    Love the view in Laguna Beach. =)

    The concrete dust does sound terrible, but your garden meal looks gorgeous and delicious. And by eating outside, you’re getting your dose of Vitamin D!