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Hello! I’m Kim; the scribbler, recipe maker, and picture takerer behind the Rustic Garden Bistro, a blog about the stuff I grow and the meals I make.

I wish I could tell you what kinds of foods we’re into around here, but the reality is, “it depends, and it changes.” Here’s a snippet:

www.rusticgardenbistro.com - RGB Best of 2013

At the moment, the tools that get the most use in the house are: 1) the coffee maker, 2) the pasta roller, and 3) the butter saver.

I love butter. Oh, I love butter.

I’m also a self-diagnosed food dork and have no qualms about blowing an entire paycheck (and then some) on really awesome meals.

Once upon a time, we had a kick-ass garden. A third of an acre, all planted, most of it edible. Then we got dogs… and chickens… and they have a knack for destroying things. So these days, we have little pockets of herbs, seasonal vegetables, roots, greens, and citrus, but the days of the luscious garden empire are sadly over.

Speaking of chickens, as of this writing, we have 16 13 12 11 10 9 8 4 ladies and one ladies’ man. (DAMN COYOTES!!!) All different breeds. They’re goofy little things and fun to hang out with. Well sell extra eggs to friends and neighbors for $5/dozen (between March through October).


I’m a freak about cookbooks; I impulse-buy them the way a lot gals my age build their shoe or handbag collections. For me, it’s a window into someone else’s way of life, and I really, really like reading about that kind of stuff. At last count I topped 120, although I admit that some of them have never been opened. [See also: the Amazon Prime one-click button is the devil.]  

When asked, and on occasion, I cater gigs and bake for others. This one time time, I even made a four tiered wedding cake for a girlfriend’s wedding. Transporting it to the venue safely was one of the scariest rides of my life:

I still date my husband. Once a week, we sneak out of the house together, just the two of us. A lot of the time, we end up at a local bistro. More often than not, our conversations return to the same fairy tale of “…what will our future bistro look like?” (Totally serious, by the way. We’d really love to have our own place someday.)

Every other Wednesday, I cook for about 250 people who wouldn’t otherwise have dinner. [Edited to add: this gig ended in May 2014.]

When not making food or eating out, Barry and I host jazz concerts, underground suppers, pop-up chef events, winemaker dinners, and other special occasions (we’ve hosted food truck launches, food-writing seminars and cookbook author signing parties).

When not in town, we travel to places like Provence, PDX or The Crescent City. There, I recharge my soul, steal creative menus, and stow away keepsakes: usually spices, pottery/ceramics, and cookbooks. [See also: borrowing new culinary ideas.]

May 2012: New Orleans, August 2012: Oahu and Maui, October 2012: Portland.

If you’re a company or brand seeking partnerships: I’m open to all kinds of creative ideas. Shoot me an email; let’s chat.

And to all, thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to connect, please drop me a line at rusticgardenbistro [at] gmail [dot] com, or holler using any of the links below. Please note that I am fond of Instagram, tolerant of Facebook, and dismissive of Twitter.

One final note. Rustic Garden Bistro is copyrighted and owned by me. Please ask my permission before re-posting any of my content, including and especially photographs. Please also do not copy any content or recipes I have posted on this site without permission. If you’d like to, just ask. Here’s an awesome article about recipe attribution. Thank you!



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Orange County, California

Website launched: 11/9/2009

About Us Last updated: 12/24/2014


  1. says

    Howdy Kim: Was cool having you up here, glad you had a good time! I’m not much of a cooking dude but wish I would have followed you back to Orange County for some of the chukar!
    Your blog is very colorful and caught my interest! Fine cooking is certainly quite an art! Hope it all comes true for you guys!

    All my best, Graydog (Steve) Reynolds

  2. says

    Hello Kim! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the 2 suggested books! I’m excited about both, and promptly reserved them at the Boston Public Library. Your blog is lovely. Once I settle down (maybe moving back closer to family in northern California), I may venture into gardening! Your above picture of the breakfast omelet looks so good! keep up the great blogging and cooking!

  3. Sean Flanagan says

    Hey Kim-

    Awesome site! If approach cooking with as much drive and passion as you did Planning, you should be a spectacular success. Good Luck on the new adventure.

  4. says

    I’m writing to ask you for permission to post your Baked Chicken with Lemon and Garden Herbs (and corresponding links back to your site) in our Lemon LoveFest Library. Please check out the links below for more specific info on the Library and to see what Lemon LoveFest is all about.


    If you’d rather make the submissions yourself, please let me know. We are conducting a Meyer lemon giveaway in conjunction with Lemon LoveFest, and anyone who submits lemon recipes or posts about lemon recipes and then makes a submission becomes eligible to win Meyer lemons from one of two California growers. It’s a weekly random drawing through February 21st; I hope you’ll consider making a submission!

    Even if you are not interested in making a submission yourself, I hope you will still allow us to post your lemon recipe photo/link in the Library anyway. We are slowly building up a nice collection of recipes, photos and websites for other lemon-lovers to view, and yours would make a nice addition. We aren’t doing this for profit or anything like that (we don’t even accept advertising on our site). We just thought it would be nice to create a source for people who are always on the hunt for lemon recipes (like me) and also appreciate discovering new websites in the process. People who aren’t as fortunate as me to own a Meyer lemon tree (or have access to Meyer lemons) will have the opportunity to win some Meyers, and hopefully the growers who are supplying the lemon prizes will benefit from the exposure as well. That’s pretty much our motivation for doing this project.

    Hope to hear from you soon!



  5. says

    You are chefs, gardeners and wine aficionados! That combination can’t be beat! :) Your blog looks terrific. Lots to see and read about. Good luck with your venture!


  6. says

    Hi, fellow Orange County dwellers! I found your blog on Foodbuzz. Your garden is beyond beautiful. As a fairly new resident of California, I am constantly amazed by abundance of fruits, vegetables and greenery in DESERT!
    I left my beautiful 1/3 yard with a compost bin and a great garden in suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I hope somebody is taking care of it:(
    One day (I hope very soon), I can join you in gardening. Right now, I have a cherry tomato in a planter, bunch of herbs on my patio and a solitary lemon tree – my first attempt at growing something citrusy. The next on my list is a fig.
    BTW, what Farmers Markets do you visit? I went to Irvine last Saturday, but would like to find some more.
    Greetings from Mission Viejo.

  7. says

    Hi, I am so glad to have found your site.

    I live in Orange County too, but grew up in the Long Beach area.

    I have browsing thru your recipes and all your beautiful pictures. I am just starting to have a garden in my home (I am a beginner and grew a few herbs and tomato plant this season). I am envious of the abundance of your fruits and produce. I hope to have a garden like yours in many many years from now.

    I will be following your blog from now on and I look forward to reading more.

  8. Linda says

    Have just found your blog…and I love it! Can’t wait to try your recipes and enjoy your excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    Love your site… I dream of having lots of people over for lots of dinner parties. But at may have to wait until the kids are a bit older.
    Thanks for your recipes, your pics and our inspiration.
    {deena} … stay at home FOODIE


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